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The Christ-Empowered

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  • Be Led and Empowered by Christ in their Business
  • Gain Victory over the internal and external obstacles that hinder business growth.
  • Experience the Power and Peace, along with the Clarity, Confidence, and Courage that Jesus Christ brings
  • Walk in their True Identity to become all they were created to Be
  • Enjoy Support, Accountability, and Sisterhood with like-minded women entrepreneurs



2X Monthly 90-Minute Group Coaching Sessions With Fellow Entrepreneurs

$600/Month Value

Private Community & Group Coaching Support

$400/Month Value



$100/Session Value

New Christ-Empowered Business Related Training Topics Every Month

$200/Month Value

Regular LIVE Teachings to Gain Christ-Empowered Business Building Tips

$200/Month Value


Including: The Negative Thinking Challenge, The Christ-Empowered Planning System and The Christ-Empowered Entrepreneur Bootcamp Courses

$1700 Value

Fresh Worksheets, Devotionals & Resources to Activate Your Learning

$200/Month Value

Learn HOW to Clarify, Plan, Implement, and Establish your Business with the Power of Christ



Growth, Fellowship and Accountability with Like-Minded Entrepreneurs via Intimate Circles


Leave the Doubt, Fear, and Overwhelm Behind!

Learn to Partner with Christ to Joyfully

Fulfill God's Calling!

Join with Like-Minded Business Women to

Share the Journey of Building a Christ-Empowered Business



It would be no exaggeration to say that working with Kathleen and being a part of CEEC has been nothing short of life changing! Working with Kathleen has brought me the peace and clarity I needed to move my business forward with confidence.

I love the way she asks all the right questions that get me to consider really important things in my business."

— Christiana Collins, The Style Coach Studio

Kathleen’s coaching has taken me from the place of total overwhelm to the place where I now have a clear vision of the direction I am headed, and a podcast that is growing daily.

You don't want to miss out. Working with Kathleen is powerful, transformative, and freeing!” 

- Sherrie Pilkington - Podcaster, Finding God In Our Pain

Kathleen's teaching and coaching has been incredibly eye opening. While I knew I would benefit as an entrepreneur from a Christ-Empowered Entrepreneurs’ program, what I didn't understand was how MUCH I would be impacted. Working with Kathleen goes way beyond just a "business" program.

Don't just think about working with Kathleen --- just do it. You will NOT regret it.” 

- Megan Dyer - Chief Executive Steward - Prosper Media

I am so glad for the Christ-Empowered Entrepreneurs’ Circle! No other group I’ve belonged to – even Christian ones – have ever been truly Christ-centered the way Kathleen’s program is. I was looking for fellowship, help that was centered in God’s Word, and accountability in my business growth. This program was like a Trifecta for me! Totally worth it!!!

- Leah Lopes – Bookkeeping & Business Financial Management, LLConsultingRI

"Kathleen is an absolutely amazing woman of God who knows how to train you at putting Christ first and into the center of your business. I love our group so much! If you are a Christian business owner and want to put Jesus first in your business, you have to work with Kathleen."

- Robin Zubach, Owner and Jewelry Designer, Delaney Rose Jewelry

Here Are The Details

  • SMALL GROUPS for Intimate Support, Fellowship, and Accountability
  • LEARN HOW to Stay Centered In and Empowered by Christ as you Clarify, Plan, Implement, and Establish you Business.
  • 2 Powerful 90-Minute ZOOM GROUP COACHING Calls Each Month
  • 2nd & 4th Week of the Month on: WEDNESDAYS 6:00-7:30pm ET
  • PRIVATE COMMUNITY GROUP for Sharing, Encouragement, and Easy Access to Additional Resources.
  • Powerful MONTHLY TEACHING TOPICS to Keep You and Your Business Moving Forward
  • Special Option for 1/2 PRICE PRIVATE COACHING with Kathleen


Christ-Empowered Entrepreneur Circle

Founder's Membership

  • 2x Monthly 90-Min Group Coaching Calls with
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Monthly Topics & Resources

$199 $150/ Month


Christ-Empowered Entrepreneur Circle

Private Coaching Membership

  • Includes Founder's Membership
  • PLUS Monthly 1-1 Private Coaching Session to provide you individualized business support

$299 $250/ Month

Christ-Empowered Entrepreneur Circle

Founder's Membership

  • 2x Monthly 90-Min Group Coaching Calls with
  • Facebook Community
  • Monthly Topics & Resources

6-Month Pre-Pay & Save 10%

$1194 $900 $810

"Working with Kathleen has brought such amazing results for me. She helps me reel in "the squirrels" and keeps me Christ-focused. She has a wonderful method of keeping me on track and for helping me come up with the answers that I know are inside me."

— Cheryl Kaiser - The Moxie Sisterhood

Meet Kathleen.


I'm Kathleen Fischer, and it's my PASSION to equip highly motivated, faith-filled women like you to build successful businesses and joy-filled lives through the power of Christ.

When God called me to build a business, I had no idea how hard it would be! But, the process contained rich lessons and a deep fellowship with God that shaped me into the woman I am today.

Joy replaced fear as I saw how God uses our WHOLE STORY to fulfill the plans He has for us.

Your success matters to me! I am so passionate about my commitment to your success that I’ve invested myself for years (and continue to invest myself daily) to become a well-trained professional coach that carries:

  • A Professional Coach Certification (CPLC) from The Professional Christian Coaching Institute (PCCI)
  • A B.S. in Computer Science & Business
  • A Former Consultant to Small Businesses and Support to the SBDC
  • Member of ICF
  • Member of CCNI
  • Over 300 hours of Mentoring from the Top Christian Coaches & Business Leaders
  • Over 800 Professional Coaching Hours Provided to clients

If you would like to experience the abundance and power of Christ as you build your business, I invite you to join me in the Christ-Empowered Entrepreneurs' Circle.